The sacred geometry


“Modus” shape consists of geometric elements combined in a 3-dimensional form that can be installed in different compositions to create bespoke artwork. This model is inspired by the Muqarnas (for Stalactite Vault), which is a key component in Arabic Architecture. The adornments take shape through the repetition and interlacing of patterns over different levels and planes. The outcome of this project was exhibited in art shows, and in a permanent art installation.

"Repetition is a positive phenomenon, by observing different patterns; we can better realize our universe"


In Mother Nature’s creations, and in Man-made formations; patterns are a harmonic rhythm that modulates form and space. From a body perspective; it generates feelings of safety and eternity in the observer.


Ornamental patterns and geometries play a major role traditionally in the construction of everyday life. The reflection they add on the surroundings with different elements from Nature results in interaction with our perception in an abstract form of beauty combined with senses of spirituality and symbolism.


Modus geometry interacts with the lights producing special refraction effects on the surrounding, its beauty comes from the sharp-edged faces that each face would take the light separately and shine more than the one next to it, creating a fascinating game of lights and shadows for the observer’s eyes.

During the summer of 2020, I got the privilege to make this public art installation. As Covid-19 hit the globe, time felt very limited. I decided to relate these wall ornaments with Time as a key inspiration. To remind how important time is. In reference to the number of hours per day; a total of 24 pieces were used in two parallel rising lines. With spacing that illustrates the rhythm like in musical notes. The pieces were cast from Aluminum and Brass, in addition to foundations from Stainless steel. Named “Rising Stars”.  
“It is only when we become aware that our time is limited that we can channel our energy into truly living”         -Ludovico Einaudi- 
The installation is located at the main entrance of the Dals Långed Bibliothek (library building), within the premises of the University of Gothenburg and Stenebyskolan.
Address: Hemslöjdsvägen, 66695  Dals Långed, Sweden

The making

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