Mohammad Omari, Aug,1987

Visual Artist, Designer, & Craftsman


Art for me is not only a career, a hobby, or a field of study: it is mainly a passion, a way of living that applies to my everyday life, and determines my perspectives, projects, and time. Therefore, I desire to engage my work with social and environmental themes and simultaneously promote a sustainable aesthetic approach.

To work with what we have; my vision is to contribute towards making life easy and understandable through visual communications. Unlike our countless different spoken languages, the visual means of communication unifies a wider range of people from different cultures and geographical areas. That is why Art always stands out as a means of expression, for communicating concepts and ideas.

I have been participating professionally in practical and academic educations within the creative field for almost 15 years now, since 2005, and in July 2020; I graduated with a master degree in applied arts and design, with a specialization in Metal Arts from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. For my full curriculum vitae, please contact me.