I am Mohammad Omari, an artist and industrial designer known as “Moe,” born in 1987 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Currently residing in Västra Götaland County, Gothenburg, my creative journey has been shaped by a decade of experience in the creative industries and manufacturing, holding an MFA in applied arts and design from the University of Gothenburg.


Philosophy and Approach:

My philosophy revolves around contributing to and solving problems through practical functionality and relevant visuality, aiming toward human-centered user experiences. As a results-driven designer, my focus encompasses computer-aided design, manufacturing, and product visualization. I am a dependable and organized professional with a strong ability to execute tasks, deliver results, and work collaboratively in a multicultural environment. My proactive, punctual, and ambitious nature allows me to manage multiple objectives simultaneously, improving efficiency and achieving positive outcomes in the entire product development process.


Art and Design Integration:

For me, the distinction between art and design is blurred, as both serve as canvases for my creative, practical, and committed personality. It transcends being merely a professional path, hobby, or field of study. Art is a passionate expression captured from life events that resonate with us momentarily. It determines my perspectives and allocates my time. My approach to art is inherently experimental. I enjoy deconstructing conventional forms to their basic foundations and abstractly reconstructing them, consistently drawing my focus toward exploring geometries and patterns.


About Moe Omari Studio:

Welcome to Moe Omari Studio, the nexus of my artistic and design endeavors. With a unique perspective honed through a rich background, I invite you to explore the fusion of artistry and functionality in my portfolio. From problem-solving in design to capturing the essence of life in art, every project is an opportunity to express and connect.


Get in Touch:

If you share my passion for art and design, I welcome inquiries, consultations, and collaboration opportunities. Please feel free to contact me to explore creative possibilities.

Thank you for visiting Moe Omari Studio.

Best regards,

Mohammad Omari “Moe”

Göteborg | Sweden