Jewelry design

Refined details are showcased through a display of exclusive masterpieces and jewelry limited in production. Da.Moe™ has established itself as a symbol of assured quality.

Solitaire Ring

Crafted from Italian 18 Karat white gold, the ring boasts a central brilliant diamond and a pair of distinctive, naturally-sourced aquamarines that have been expertly hand-faceted.



A set of 150 small, naturally occurring white topaz gemstones arranged on a 14K white gold band.



This ring features a clean, minimalist design and is adorned with a set of 40 diamonds.


Bridal set

This exceptional collection comprises three rings that serve as a timeless representation of your eternal love.

Twisted Infinitely

A complex geometric design fashioned from high-quality sterling silver.



A striking and assertive ring crafted from 18K white gold.



A dainty and refined design suitable for daily wear, featuring a diamond set in either yellow or white gold.