Geode N.1

Geode is a sculpture that draws inspiration from the natural phenomenon of crystal formation, particularly the amethyst geode. The sculpture incorporates the “MODUS” pattern, but with a unique implementation concept. It features two opposing surfaces that are both soft and rough, as well as a form that initially appears simple but upon closer examination reveals a more complex construction.

The sculpture is constructed as a whole body using various materials, including metal sheets of different thicknesses, which were cut, bent, and welded together to create the desired form. The surface texture was created using a welding machine, and the final finish was achieved through sandblasting and polishing.

Overall, Geode is a testament to the beauty and complexity found in nature, and how it can inspire artistic creations that blur the line between simplicity and complexity.

Date: 2021 Material: Corten Steel, Stainless steel Measurements: 120 x 17 x 17 cm

Geode N.2

It is not uncommon to see two opposing components in one form, as this can create a sense of contrast and balance. In many contexts, such as in design or art, the combination of different opinions or approaches can lead to unique and innovative creations. In daily life, we may encounter situations where opposing views or ideas need to be reconciled or balanced.

Geode is a sculpture that embodies this concept of combining two opposing components, in this case, soft and rough surfaces, to create a unique and complex construction. By revealing the inner part of the body that is not normally visible, Geode highlights the effect of this special mixture and the beauty that can be found in complexity.

Date: 2021 Material: Corten Steel, Stainless steel Measurements: 56 x 16 x 16 cm