Proposal for the Artistic project in Ekhagsskolan, Bengtsforse Kummon

April 2021, Dals Långed


The project is inspired by the ancient stone carving created by the people living in this area. It’s fun if we follow their style and CREATES Monuments that are made by future generations.

The implementation of the same drawing style with other craft technologies, such AS the Modern times metal smiting, and its new tools. We can also incorporate contemporary materials to create and maintain the artwork from the incant unique stone carving of Dalsland seen in Högsbyn.


About the nature reserve: The Rock carvings in Tisselskog

The stone carvings at Högsbyn, Tisselskog is the largest and most remarkable ancient monument in the landscape of Dalsland.

There are approximately 50 rocks with over 2500 carvings from the Bronze Age. These rocks are alongside the lake Råvarp, beautifully situated in a nature reserve. (Nature Reserve – Rock Carvings, n.d.)


Rock carvings, Högsbyn. Photo: Hans Alexandersson (Tisselskog Högsbyn, n.d.)

The art proposed artwork consists of two main parts:

  • The outdoor wall art – on the western side of the building as well over different areas.
  • The seating area – main entrance.

The Wall Art installation

The idea is to create a contemporary artwork in collaboration with the students of the school as well as the local society from teachers, staff, as well as parents, by collecting illustrations.

2D Sketch illustration

Following are CGI images representing the art installation.

Alternatively, in reference to the original is a Red painted Steel.

The wall installation will consist of approximately 270 metallic pieces that are created based on the students’ entries. The pieces are installed to cover the wooden wall with an elevation of about 10 cm. The idea of the elevation is to invite the moving Sun to cast a shadow on the metallic pieces so as to create a nice interaction on sunny days. Simple lines and curves similar in style to the stone carving would be an opportunity to invite all students from the school to visit the location and get inspired. To make simple lines that illustrate something from their surroundings, nature, or objects they interact with. The illustrations will be processed by the artist so that to relate them in a united theme. After that, the approximately 270 drawings will be projected to the exterior of the stadium with adjustments to the scale and to fit the general layout of the building. The next step in the creation of the art piece is to cast the forms in metal. As the last stage is the installation.

A quick draft of the drawings assignment is attached in the appendix part of this application.


The illustrated pieces are made of approximately 10mm Steel// stainless steel. With industry-standard attachments and custom-made spacers to the wall, I could also consider other metals/alloys.

The main entrance seating benches


Two benches for the main entrance are inspired by the illustration of the ship and the snow skater.

Illustrations from the brochure of Bengtsfors Kummon webpage (Tisselskog-Eng.Pdf, n.d.)

Following some quick sketches of two benches inspired by the two above illustrations. 

CGI images represent the main entrance art installation. 

The bench will be made of a combination of stainless steel and wood. The design will be taken from the curvy lines found in the stone carvings, in consideration to avoid sharp edges for the general safety of the students in particular. The pattern of the repeated slides gives the bench a dynamic sporty appearance that matches the facility. The design will get more consideration as the example above is in the sketching stage, but generally, it will be defined from the carvings and the building itself. 


Metal and wood. As a metal, Stainless Steel in a brushed finish will keep the surface clean and will enforce strength to the whole construction.

The wood would be great to have in a seating unit for its warm neutral temperature. It can be a local wood such as a Bjork, which has a bright color that goes well with brushed stainless steel. The wood will have a finish in the clear natural coating; however the type of wood will be studied during the process with the design, so to insure high quality.

The benches can be attached to the floor (if required).


In collaboration with Bengtfors Kommun, the school principal, the architect, and myself. And the involvement of the local society from students/ parents and teachers.



The budget is divided into different sections. Although the main expenses will be in purchasing materials and the artistry work. The total budget is to be calculated. But eventually, it will be within the planned amount.



  • To create contemporary art that connects the past with the present, so that future generations took part in it. Unique are the things made by the people, within a specific time and place. My proposal is to connect 240 students and 50 teachers through artwork.
  • A task for entries will be collected from the students, to be processed to a united theme of illustrations which will be used to create the artwork.
  • The artist will also create the seating area which consists of two benches made from a combination of metal and wood.

The resulted artwork will give the whole building including its two entrances, a very unique and strong identity, as well as the feeling of care-free lines taken from different objects and elements in a form of a creative pattern.


Time table

The work can start after the agreement is made, and is scheduled to be inaugurated during Bengtsfors municipality’s 50th anniversary, which is planned for 18 September 2021.